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10 definitions by Blazin Hazen

n. informal
- A fat person.
- An ingredient in many-a-delicious candy.
This club is full of gelatin bitches.

Ingredients: Sugar (99%), Gelatin (100%), Artificial Colours (101%), Deliciousness (‡ %)
by Blazin Hazen August 04, 2006
the third level of law-enforcement - police are known to be the 5-0, security gaurds and bouncers (club security) constitute the 4-0 - whereas the 3-0 represents school teachers or other citizens who are on the look out for people up to no good.

pronounced "three-oh"
Ay dawg, lets cut class.
No dice, the 3-0 are out in force patrolin today, we'll get busted fo sho.

by Blazin Hazen August 04, 2006
no. (if said in a sarcastic tone)
1: Would you bone Genevieve?
2: Yep!
1: Dude, why not?..
by Blazin Hazen June 08, 2007