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When the mexican channel screams out GOAL! everytime the mexicans make a goal in soccer.
I was flipping through all the channels when I saw the mexican channel in the middle of their mexi-gasm
by Blaze54901 June 27, 2007
How cool something is.
Woah! I just shot you in the head in the Halo 3 BETA! The coolnessosity of that has to be high.
by Blaze54901 June 27, 2007
when you hate somebody, you put their name in front of -ommunist
I hate Steve... I'm Steve-ommunist
by Blaze54901 June 27, 2007
something that is just aiight...
I went to this gourmet resteraunt, but all the fodd turned out to be bum dinggy
by Blaze54901 June 27, 2007
Tommunist is a word that means you hate someone named Tom. Usually refered to the Tom on Myspace that everyone hates.
I'm hate Tom so much, I am now a tommunist.
by Blaze54901 June 27, 2007

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