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(adj.) Taking place—as in anonymous gay sex, usually oral—under the partition wall(s) of a public restroom.
1. I got an amazing understall blow job from some guy in the campus library tea room.
2. I've never seen his face; we've only had understall sex.
by Blaze Johnson November 19, 2010
park-and-suck (n), or park-n-suck (n): a roadside rest area (cottage) where gay men (cottagers) meet to have anonymous oral sex.
David's up to his old tricks again; I saw his car when I drove by the park-and-suck on highway 20 the other night.
That park-n-suck on highway 20 is notorious; the picnic tables outside the tea room are covered in spooge.
by Blaze Johnson November 30, 2014
feetillatio (n): (1) the feetish act of sucking on a man's toes (aka shrimping); (2) licking the cum off a man's toes
The guy had size 13 feet; I couldn't resist performing feetillatio on him.
by Blaze Johnson November 29, 2014
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