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First off Blast from my Ass isn't a recruiting station for faggots then what is it? A bunch of talented students? Ha! I laugh when I see that. Want some talent make do a NEW show once in I don’t know 20 years. As for the history of this show it’s so great. Let’s blast to the past for the past of blast shall we? The director before was a man who gave out solos to girls who would suck his dick... yea o you can sing? Well can you suck dick? That’s where the talent was until like 5 years ago... and for your talent now it sucks.
You do the same lame ass show every year. If you had some mother fucking talent then maybe you could do a new show. Or maybe if the people could sing or the dancers could dance or the director could get Mr. Figers dick out of his ass and direct maybe it might be decent.... haha you think your talented? Why don’t you perform in a play outside of Churchill see how far you go...And I am an ugly piece of shit well I don’t need 3 tons of makeup to look half way decent you fucking whores of Churchill. Blast from the past is a play about the weird ass shits coming out of their holes once a year to perform a play... and I don’t know which group loves the cock more the girls in this play or the guys... Girls show some respect and learn from me and yes I am a girl not a guy... and I have too much time on my hands haha you responded I guess u don’t have anytime either well obviously you are in blast... Finally, to sum this definition all up...all the girls in blast are girls that could not cheer along side me or be in poms this is the dumping grounds for the rejects of this school. For the guys in blast either love the cock or couldn't tough it out on a real team. Go frolic around you fags and think that you are dancing. Haha Blast is SHIT now and forever and don't you forget about it...
Smart man- Look at these no talent fuckers why are they wasting their day. None of them will be on Broadway in their life this isn't worth anything to watch or hear. If I put this play on SNL people would laugh. They wouldn’t think these kids are for real. These stupid blasties think they actually have fucking talent.

Smart women- Yeah and look at these girls all up on these men... get a life respect your self... These women have no respect stupid dykes. Come on I am going to do something productive with my life and it will help me in my future unlike these waste of breath human beings.

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