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2 definitions by Blank the XIth

Allusion to the movie "Reservoir Dogs," referring to the act of punishing a rat or otherwise problem-causing member of an operation, even at a great personal cost.
Person One: Hey, how the hell did you get put back under house arrest? I thought your sentence was up!

Person Two: It was, but do you remember that kid that told the cops about the weed? I found out who he is and jumped the fucker.

Person One: Ah, White-ing an Orange.

Person Two: Yeah... It was worth it.
by Blank the XIth January 01, 2011
Essentially a 12 year-old faggot's idea of a good game; was conceived when Infinity Ward saw the massive success of the first Modern Warfare, then watered it down with simpler game-play, stripped all PC support, alienating it's most loyal community, and adding so many new noob friendly perks that playing it almost requires sucking, since it's so easy to spray, spam, and quick-scope that it completely defeats the purpose of playing the game. One could effectively pull the trigger on their controller once every ten seconds and end up with an amazing score.
Douche-bag: Hey guys, let's play Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox LIVE tonight!

Intelligent person: Fuck Modern Warfare 2, and fuck playing first-person shooters on anything but a PC.

Douche-bag: Modern Warfare 2 is amazing, dude, and Xbox is the best!

Intelligent person: Modern Warfare 2 is to Call of Duty what Dynasty was for KISS. A shitty sellout.
by Blank the XIth January 01, 2011