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all nice and sweet and innoccent...until you do one little thing wrong!!!!!
Bob:"hey alice, nice shirt, looks hot on you..."
by blank May 07, 2003
An event in which two individuals have their left wrists bound together and are given knives, which they use to cut and stab each other until one admits defeat. The binding of the wrists makes it impossible for one combatant to run from the fight, and also heightens the difficulty of dodging or blocking blows. Knife parties are not for the weak at heart.
Brandon and I had a bitchin' knife party last month. I think he's still in the hospital.
by Blank February 16, 2004
Derived from b&, derived from band, derived from banned.
The & sign is known as an "ampersand."
Bampersand his ass!
by blank June 19, 2004
A white affluent society full of snobbery, country clubbing, and discrimination. A small town where if you are not white, christian, rich, and bitchy, you will be shunned. Don't forget that if your house is in the township, you are automatically richer and better than everyone living in the borough. Jews are not welcomed. Blacks are not welcomed, and God help you if you are both. A common insult would include "Damn, you just got Jewed." The drug of choice is ecstasy because marijuana is not expensive enough.
"That town is so Chatham!" "No, there's atleast one Jew and two Blacks, therefore it can't be."
by Blank January 17, 2005
People that making getting some a lot more difficult that it should be.
Everyone I know is a cockblocker. Get a hobby that doesn't affect me, dammit.
by blank June 09, 2003
A derogatory term that can be used in any situation and on anyone or anything.
"Dammit, Dan, you jerk. You say jerk so much that you are supersaturating it into everyday vocabulary so that it will soon lose all meaning."
by blank May 11, 2003
The ganster term for penis
Suck my penizzle biotch!
by blank February 21, 2004

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