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Pronounced "preemah doo-chay".

When you go to drop a duece in a public or work toilet and discover that you are the first to use that toilet since it was last cleaned giving you a relatively germ, detritus, and smell free experience.
"I always get to work early so I can score the prima duece before <insert stinky co-worker here> defiles HCS"
by BlancoGrande March 09, 2010
When a crowd lines up to pacify a hysterical or obnoxious person.
V: So I was enjoying a peaceful, laid back, sunny moment at the coffee shop when the horrid woman next to me bursts into this really annoying laugh.

Me: What did it sound like?

V: Woody woodpecker on crack.

Me: Jeez. What did you do?

V: I gathered the other patrons and gave her a good airplaning!

Me: Nice.
by BlancoGrande April 11, 2010

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