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1. A team full of homos who's fans are all band-wagoners after they won the World Series in 2005.

2. Won the World Series after beating a shitty Astros team that couldn't pitch or hit.

3. A team with fans who brag a year or two later after they win a World Series expecting the Cubs to win one immediately aftewords.
Gay Guy 1: "Hey Max, wanna go to the biggest gay bar in the world?"

Max: "I was just going to ask you to go to a White Sox game!"
by BlakeP June 12, 2007
To have anal sex with, created by Bill Clinton from his appearance on Family Guy.
You up for a little Exit Polling?

Are you asking me what I think you're asking me?

Well that depends on what your definition of jizz is.
by BlakeP July 10, 2008
A pornographic film; a porno; an adult movie
"The Germans sure do make a good fuck picture."
by BlakeP June 12, 2008
When you take you jizz or semen and freeze it and then eat it like a popsicle.
Jason and Jeff both shared a Man Juice popsicle made by Blake. What fags.
by BlakeP July 15, 2008
To get backstabbed or left with an empty promise
Jason got aaronrodgered when the girl he liked fucked his best friend.
by BlakeP July 25, 2008
When you come on your hand, in which there's a cut on your finger thus resulting in a finger baby.
After Jason's fifth ejaculation of the day, he realized he had a good chance of having a finger baby 9 months later.
by BlakeP July 10, 2008
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