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3 definitions by BlakeOPS

A website which
-is cool
-then goes down because they want to upgrade the site but don't want a functioning site in the meantime
-then goes live with the old version after realizing their mistake
-and then goes down to "setup a router"
www.songmeanings.net is down again!
yeah they really like to mess with their users dont they?
by BlakeOPS August 01, 2004
Jobs done for other employees in a workplace without compensation to the company. Generally uses company equipment, time, and resources.
Arthur: Trillian and I are looking at places to get our wedding cake.
Ford: We make cakes here at the grocery store. I could make it for you guys.
Arthur: How much would that cost?
Ford: I'll just call it a government job.
by BlakeOPS February 20, 2005
Something heard at LAN Parties and other geek places. Asking for a network "address" at which the questioned can be reached.
Interesting fact: This phrase has never been said by a female.
Hey man, what's your IP? I wanna join your counterstrike server.
by BlakeOPS April 04, 2004