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People that teach you in school. They could be good or bad. Most are bad if you have my teachers. Like my math teacher would cry in front of the room about how like her. Most of them act like they care, but they don't.
The worst teacher I've ever had is my current home ect teacher. She hates all of her students except her favorite. She yells at you for the smallest reason, and never stops talking about the house that she is bluiding. Everyone hates her. She doesn't deserve her job. God, I hate her.

The best yeacher was my old reading teacher. She was cool.

Teachers make school boring.

#school #homework #boring #kittie #seventeen #acid bath
by Blake Marie March 26, 2007
A really good band that broke up in 1996 after the bassist died. I have both of their cds. I love them both.
We smoke the bones of baby dolls. -Acid Bath.
#acid bath #battle royale. this #will make #.i. #lol
by Blake Marie April 23, 2007
A book that's about 42 kids going to an island where they are have to kill eachother becase a law. This book was turned into a manga and a movie.(Both are good)

Themanga shows more gore.
The movie lease out all the backstories.
Hopefully the American version of Battle Royale won't suck as much as people saying it will be.
#kittie #kill bill #3 #acid bath #o #k
by Blake Marie April 23, 2007
Orange people from willy wonka. They love the the coco bean, and make nice songs.
Oompa loompa doopitydoo...
#willy #wonka #battle royale #acid bath #deftones
by Blake Marie April 23, 2007
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