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Short for Nobody Likes Onions, which is a funny podcast
Tom: Nobodylikesonions.com is the website, you should check it out.
Jim: Really, I'll do that.
Matt: What are you guys talking about?
Tom: NLO!!!
Matt: Oh yeah, Jim, you'll love it.
by Blake G April 22, 2007
the nickname to any man who has a lumberjack beard and is ripped, rugged, all that is man,and who has a big breasted girlfriend.
Person 1: Lars' beard has come in nicely and his girlfriend's bra size must be D at least.

Person 2: Yeah, no wonder they call him, Gonder
by Blake G November 21, 2006
A very hairy vagina, a big patch of pubic hair
guy 1: "Look at Chris' girlfriend's mumnuz."

guy 2: "YUK! Someone buy her a razor."
by Blake G March 08, 2007

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