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A sex-crazed nymphomaniacle vampire with a craving for hot, warm, blood-rushing sensation. A nymphpire is fascinated deeply in the art of sex, and all of the intense, erotically dark and kinky twists to it.
Person A: Damn Man! I just hooked up with this totally CRAZY fawty, we were getting into it right, and she was getting wild and came close and sucked and bit my neck so hard it drew blood-- Then she's riding me and were climaxing, and she scratches a HEART into my BACK with her nailsss.

Person B: Dude. You've found yourself a Nymphpire! Niceee. *High Five*
by Blake Boyd December 04, 2008
An adjective used to describe something that is both impeccable AND excellent in all ways, shapes, and forms.

Also see Perfexcellence
I think I met a goddess, this girl had the most flawless body I have ever seen, and her personality and mind surpasses all others of everyone I've ever met, she's so perfexcellent.
by Blake Boyd December 04, 2008

1. the fact or state of perfexcelling; perfect superiority; flawless eminence

2. a perfexcellent quality or feature

3. (usually initial capital letter) perfexcellency (def. 1).
1. Her whole life seems to have spawned from perfexcellence; she is so impeccable and amazing.

2. Her lovely and amazing smile is one of the perfexcellences of her beauty.
by Blake Boyd January 20, 2009
A "Fucking Hottie", or as some may say "Fucking Hawty". A Fawty is an incredibly beautiful and sexually appealing girl/guy.
A: "Damn, check out that sex Fawty at 10 o' clock."

B: "She is beautiful and Sexually appeals to me. =p"
by Blake Boyd January 13, 2009

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