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2 definitions by BlairWaldorfismyidol

Term used to describe whether a couple have changed their facebook relationship status to show they are together / have broken up, thus making their relationship status official according to facebook
"I heard Sally and Steve are going out" "Nah, it's not fboffcial or anything"
"Things must be getting serious with you and Stacey, I notcie you guys are fboffical now!"
"Oh my God, Laura and Mike have fbofficially broken up!"
by BlairWaldorfismyidol September 11, 2008
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Short for John Wayne Pain, the feeling one gets after having sex
"I had sex with Andy last night and now I have JWP"
"So I saw you went home with Dave. JWP?"
by BlairWaldorfismyidol September 11, 2008
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