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To have a long, prominent chin, reminiscent of writer/director Quentin Tarantino.
Hey, Jimmy has a Tarantino chin, it's so odd.
by BlaineRick January 05, 2007
1. A person who gets off smelling cunts.
2. Derogatory insult.
1. Ray loves being a cuntsmeller, dude is sick.
2. Fuck off, you pathetic cuntsmeller!
by BlaineRick January 07, 2007
When you do something to your girl (like cheat on her) and you have to get one last fuck with her before she finds out and kicks you out.
Reference to: dead man walking, the name given to prisoners on death row right before they are executed
Oh man, I fucked up... I better start dead man fucking before Shelly finds out...
by BlaineRick March 28, 2015
Someone who constantly masturbates to stuff on the computer, TV, tablet, cell phone, anything with a screen...
Damn, boy, why dontcha stop being a screen jizzer and get laid already?
by BlaineRick March 28, 2015

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