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Eastern Sydney racial slang for middle eastern ethnic groups. As a reaction to the Cronulla crisis of 2005, white Australians came up with the term to describe the ugly headress wearing muslims and screwed in the head Lebs.
"Shit man, did you see that sippo?"
"Yeah, let's go bash her ugly face back to Muslimia"
"Dude, Muslimia isnt a place"
"Ahah, that's a good insult. Yeah youre right, Muslimia isn't a place, it's a shit hole."
by Blahah June 21, 2006
Hates life and people and has an inability to think of things other than the negatives. These people are horrible to be around and will suck all the happiness out of you. Tall and gangly, Yorks sulk around the streets carrying with them an air of social dissent.
Who invited that york, he's going to ruin the party!
by Blahah June 18, 2006

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