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The queen of all sketch. If a woman is really sketch than she must be the queen of sketch. Also can be followed by numbers.
Geez Kathleen is definately sketch queen #1
by Blades May 17, 2004
A ugly game that need Plenty of improvement.

Made by MaxSonic
Ugh... Not another Sonic roller game.
by Blades March 11, 2004
A fat pink ugly blob.
Majin boo kills self *dead*
by Blades March 01, 2004
an absolute lazy bell, MS Word correct his real name to this, not even good enough to get into MS Word dictionary. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A FIST.
You fucking dodgy scullion, why the fuck are you doing absolutely no work.
by Blades April 25, 2004
An Echidna thats cut right through You.

Warning: Very annoying
Blades the echidna cut through me. But he keep going on and on about it. His very annoying
by Blades February 23, 2004

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