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An affliction of the body and mind. Effects include isolation, desperation, sexual frustration, alcohol consumption, inability to communicate, and in extreme cases, physical violence or childbirth. Due to advances in modern medicine, many cases of marriage do not end in death.
The fact that you asked for an example is ample evidence that you've never experienced marriage.
by Blackwolf Morrow February 14, 2011
A wedding. So called because a man's life ends when he marries.
Charlie: I got a wedding invitiation today.

Drew: Sounds like fun.

Charlie: Nah, I don't go to standing funerals
by Blackwolf Morrow September 06, 2011
Reverse on a five-speed manual transmission. Drivers mistakenly shift up from fifth into a "secret" sixth gear, which is actually reverse.
I can't give you a ride to practice today. Jack tried to put it in secret sixth when he borrowed my car on Saturday, and now it has no transmission.
by Blackwolf Morrow September 06, 2008
A person who denies something out of habit, or for the sake of appearances, when in fact it is almost certain that the person did the deed in question. A person who talks about the effects of various drugs, and follows the explanation with "or so I've heard" is shawshank innocent. Inspired by the amazing, award-winning movie (and the even better long story that inspired it) called "The Shawshank Redemption"
Straightedge: Don't smoke weed. It's illegal.

Toker 1: Yeah, but it shouldn't be. It's as effective a pain reliever as some opiates, with far fewer side effects...or so I've heard. I would never do anything illegal.

Toker 2: Shut up homie, you're just shawshank innocent.
by Blackwolf Morrow December 20, 2013
Slang term for the vagina, because of its temperature and smell. Also known as pussy, snatch, or ginch.
That girl's such a slut. Take her to dinner and you'll be balls deep in hot tuna by nine o'clock.
by Blackwolf Morrow September 29, 2005
A sub-human creature that, with time and luck, may grow to become human. The inevitable result of repeatedly having unprotected sex.
I would not kill a man without being heavily provoked, but a child? They're not even human yet.
by Blackwolf Morrow July 25, 2005

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