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After receiving a blow job till completion from your partner, the partner then pee's all over the cum soaked penis. Without washing yourself this will create a golden crown from the dried piss and cum around the penis.

On rare occasions a second blow job is given with the Golden Crown in tact.
I asked my girl if she can give me a golden crown after the blowjob and she jumped at the chance to do so..
by Blacknight200 May 10, 2013
Flossing ones teeth anywhere that is outside the bathroom. Similar to dental flossing but outside the norm of where its done which is the bathroom. The term is also used to also imply how unnecessary and disgusting the act can be with plaque, food and blood flying everywhere.
I had company over and my girl walked out of the bedroom freestyle flossing while greeting all my friends.
Whenever we go to the movies mike is freestyle flossing his teeth.
by Blacknight200 August 16, 2012
The act of taking a dump, crap, sh*t on someones head creating what looks to be a brown wig on there head.
After we had sex i decided to give her a brown wig.
I had a huge load to dump so my brown wig on Jims head looked like he had dreadlocks.
by Blacknight200 October 26, 2012
American Football cleats that are feet/toe shoes with spikes at the bottom of them. Coach Rex Ryan of the New York Jets would prefer the NFL to instill the Feetcleats in the game of football.
Damn that boy has got on some feetcleats! I put on my feetcleats one toe at a time.
by Blacknight200 August 05, 2011
The act of giving a handjob by using all fingers to tug/grab the shaft, skin and pubic hairs. The hand will grab just about everything and anything along the shaft in order to provide as much pleasure and a lot pain to the person receiving this glorious gift. Not all grapplers are done on purpose, most of the time the person giving doesn't know what they are doing.
I went to Julia's house the other day and she gave me one hell of a grappler.
by Blacknight200 November 10, 2010
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