19 definitions by Blackmeowcat

expelling of gas...by girls
My tummy hurts, I think I have gas...(pzbbbt) oh my a wind cookie!
by Blackmeowcat July 14, 2004
same as Flapjacks, the sack left behind dangling in between your dogs legs, after he is neutered
OMG The Dog looks like he has a Chicken Patty flapping around between his legs!
by BlackMeowCat July 13, 2004
This term is used when one is in dire need of becoming rich and will resort to cramming family and friends into one home to acquire money by splitting all the bills amongst each individual which in turn saves each person more money to buy the fancier things in life.
Hey, Mikey, why don't you move in and we can live like arabs and be rich!
by BlackMeowCat July 13, 2004
Same as Homey G Dawg
Hey, look at that Poop Daddy Smack, thinking he's all gangsta.
by BlackMeowCat July 13, 2004
A tool used to excite the female organs, usually shaped like a phallus, and having a bunny or bunny ears at the base of the phallus to stimulate the clitoris.
I was so tired and stressed out today, that when I got home, I played with my blue buzz bunny.
by Blackmeowcat July 14, 2004
The orafice located at the end of your digestive tract, butthole.
You don't want to go in there...its just a broom closet.
by Blackmeowcat July 14, 2004
the act of orally pleasuring a woman, by sticking your tongue in and out of her hole.
Hey, baby, how about some Tongue Fu Twa?
by Blackmeowcat July 14, 2004
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