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Shorthand for low battery. Often heard in the Philippines and other fob countries.
I used my cell phone all day and now it's lowbat.
by Blackflame619 June 30, 2009
another word for film critic.
Coined by the Onion
The Onion hate's gaywads that critique their film.
by Blackflame619 February 14, 2009
The text way of describing the arm pump you do when you say yes.
(When you make a fist, bend your elbow so your fist points up, and cock/pump it.)
Gamer 1: Ding!
Gamer 2: Nice man! Grats!
Gamer 1: *yes*
by Blackflame619 August 04, 2009
an A Capella but all dudes. Which makes it awesome.
Sometimes spelled with a z at the end.
Guy: let's sing.
Guy 2: You mean an accafella?
Guy: yeah. it's not gay.
by Blackflame619 August 06, 2009
Pole Dance
Viewer: I was watching the teen choice awards and I totally saw Miley Cyrus p-dance.
Man: Niceeee.
by Blackflame619 September 13, 2009
a potato taco
Anthony: I really want a taco.

Mariela: Ooooh. with potatoes in it.

Together: A POTACO! YES!
by Blackflame619 June 30, 2010
New Zealander for a "sexual part" of the body such as the butt, or chest.
Jermaine: If I say you got a Boom ow ow, come on Bret, help me out now. Bret you got it goin on.
Bret: I got it goin on.
by Blackflame619 December 29, 2008

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