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opethforum is an unofficial forum of the band Opeth. The forum was started in July of 2005. The forum has 4 sections: Opeth, Off Topic, Other bands/artists, and a new VIP section. The Off Topic section is the hightlight of the forums. Many masterful photoshops are done in this forum, most notably by gunhaver and Shadows Skulk. Opethforum also has a myspace account and the member Beverto created a fake myspace site for the bassist of Opeth, Martin Mendez. Many people were tricked, but the band found out and sent out an official bulletin and put up a message on their official site. A former visitor of the site was Joseph Cousins, who is probably most recognized for his work in Kindergarted Cop, starring the Governator himself! opethforum rulz.
opethforum is teh shitz0r imo
by Blackesteyes August 11, 2006

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