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Area in South Central Los Angeles belonging to the Black Peace Stones(BPS), a notorious Westside Bloodz Gang. All around you are very tall trees and large run-down apartments. The streets in the Jungles are very twisted and tricky...if you're not careful you could end up on a very dangerous drug dealing street. There are also lots of dead ends in the Jungles(J's), like Palmwood Street. Palmwood is the street Training Day was filmed on with Bloodz on the rooftop. The best advice i can give is to respect the Jungles as a Blood City and if you're not from there don't go there!
LAPD usually rides 10 cars deep when they go into the Jungles. Even for a simple, routine problem. The Jungles are surrounded by rival gang neighborhoods, including the Rollin Sixties Crip Gang, Rollin Forties Crip, Rollin Thirties Crip, and the 18st.Gang. However, they manage to handle business and protect their neihborhood from outsiders.
by Black_Thought_247 June 05, 2007
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