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Can be 2 situations; One being when you are talking to a group of people telling them the latest gossip or something very important that's usually very exciting then another person interrupts and talks over you and tells the groups the same story. The second situation is when you are telling a group or person something and you are interrupted by another person who tells them the same kind of thing and then you talk back over them

Very common in conversations. Especially if it's important or its the latest gossip.
Situation 1:

Person 1: Omg, you guys wont guess what happened... Jess punched Anna right in the nose and there is blood everywhere! I was standing there watching and they were having a major rowl then..

Person 2(Talk-Over): Lol, It was so funny Jess threw such a rad punch it hit her square in the nose and blood went everywhere.

Situation 2:

Person 1: Guess what? I was at the mall yesterday but i forgot my wallet. I found this really spiffy dress but obviously i couldnt get it, so i stole it. It was so different and i felt so..

Person 2(Talk-Over):I once stole a chocolate bar, from the supermarket and i..

Person 1(Talk-Over): Hey shut it Im talking. Yeah I have the dress here do you wanna see it??
by BlackTights October 02, 2009

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