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1. a chill spot.

2. the sunken in center of your mattress. when flipping it doesn't do shit because it's double sided. it's usually been there for so long that you find yourself unable to sleep in a bed without one.

3. a grassy knoll.
casey: "I need to switch the cushions because this one is caving in in one spot."

me: "A home crater."

casey: "Yeah."
by BlackTangledHeart November 29, 2009
when you're so obsessed with silverchair, words cannot describe it. when your car, phone, computer, myspace, facebook, tattoos, guitar, and everything else revolve around the 'chair. when you go to youtube to watch something and end up watching 5 hours of 'chair vids. when you'll do anything to see them live. when all other bands and music seem inferior and it's ALL you listen to. one or any combination of these things..

then you're a 'chairhead, yo!
'chairhead: 'omg you live in newcastle! silverchair silverchair blah blah silverchair blah blah blah'

aussies: oh that's nice. yeah we know daniel and the guys. saw a great little show.

'chairhead: jaw drop. no response.
by BlackTangledHeart February 05, 2010

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