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Three men point their johnsons towords the sky and join them together to form the shape of a tripod. Then a woman sits atop the "tripod" and bounces up and down, attemped to wedge all three men inside of her.
Mary had to have emergency surgery after she had a Japanese Tripod with the Dallas Cowboys.
by BlackSnowMan August 07, 2006
This is an extremely complex game. Essentially, two teams of five disrobe. Each team must have three girls and two guys to a team. One team lines up and bends over. The other team's male players are blindfolded and put their manitalia in the "holes" of the other team. They move down the line and after they finish inserting their Johnsons in the other teams, they guess which two on the team were the men, based solely on feeling. Then the take their blind folds off and switch with the other team. An arbitrator is standing-by to guide the blindfolded teammates into the other teams "holes." The arbitrator also talies the score and settles disputes.
At the junior-assistant-principal-club, five blind mice is the game we play.
by BlackSnowMan November 16, 2006
This is a rather simple action performed on an average family dog. Four or more men line up and "make their mayo" all over the dog. After a while, the liguid hardens and the dog appears to be made out of fine chinese porcelain.
Sparky was really a fun loving dog until we gave him the Porcelain Puppy Dog , en la casa de Anderson.
by BlackSnowMan November 22, 2006
The Chocolate Salad is difficult to achieve and almost impossible to master. The man proceeds to excrete a bowl movement while the woman sucks his manitalia. Immediatly after he releives himself (in both meanings of the word) the woman begins to eat out the mans anal cavity until he releives himself again. Extra points are achieved if he passes a bowl and ejaculates at the same time.
Did you hear the news? Ryan got a fat chocolate salad from the Scranton Sloar! She took his dumpling blumpkin to the face!
by BlackSnowMan August 15, 2008

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