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synonymous with "jerkoff".. jagbag being most popular in the midwest region of the USA.
I was drivin' down the road when this jagbag cut me off.
by BlackSheep March 14, 2003
a really dirty bitch. in other terms (old dried up cum in between her pussy lips.)
that chick is a splatmonkey.
by blacksheep July 10, 2003
When you watch too much Toby Turner and start to talk with a Tobuscus like voice and just can't shake the habit even when it drives every one you love crazy.
I just got done watching hours of Tobuscus now I have tobuscitis.
by Blacksheep February 10, 2014
A fabrication job usually on a vehicle that is way ghetto and shitty in craftsmanship
Yo, Pdaddy's blazer was all fawked up, those mounts were fabtacular
by blacksheep November 08, 2004
Phenomenal Hair Do
God damn! That chick's gotta phenomenal hair do!
by BlackSheep March 14, 2003
(n.) synonimous for 'dumbass'
When in need of a friendly insult...
"Shutup you grief!"
by BlackSheep June 16, 2004
woman built like a brick shithouse, tattoos, piercings, and bigger cajones then you could ever wish for
seen on the street transferring a bumper sticker to her car that reads... HONK IF YOU WANT ME TO RIP YOUR BALLS OFF
by BlackSheep March 14, 2003

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