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a word in Kodava Thak, that referrs to
1. a person who has a smelly butt
2. an individual with a stank attitude
Changalang would not let me watch my favorite TV show...to show my disdain I kicked him in the balls cuz he was being a real kundi narri.

by BlackPanther415 March 03, 2009
a person who hates on you because you have a stalker and they don't.
Daryl was hatin on me because i had a stalker and he never had a stalker... that would make him a bonifide stalk-hater.

by BlackPanther415 March 16, 2009
thongs that are too tight so they strangle your pumpum.
I accidentally wore pumpum stranglers to work the other day and i could NOT wait to get home to take them off!
by BlackPanther415 March 16, 2009
an individual that works for nasa and uses nasa technology to stalk people.
That crazy bitch works for Nasa and just hacked into all my online accounts and changed my passwords...what a fucking nasalker!
by Blackpanther415 March 04, 2009
when a friend comes over to your house takes a dump in your bathroom and does NOT flush the toilet.
Yo... when u came over to drop off the dog Did U or DID U NOT leave me a dekiduki?
by BlackPanther415 March 04, 2009
when two people have sex during the winter season while wearing all of their winter gear (which may include but is not limited to their scarfs, hats, jackets, sweaters, snow boots etc.)
1. I had a winter splinter the other day and that shit felt so DAMN good but FUCK...I was hot as hell!

2. He looked so good, I just couldn't wait to take our clothes off...so we winter-splintered it real quick.
by BlackPanther415 March 04, 2009
Doctor I'd Like to Fuck...an extremely good looking female physician that most straight men with a functional penis would like to fuck.
Yo...i love going to my doctor...she is a straight up D.I.L.F.
by BlackPanther415 March 03, 2009
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