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All the other definitions that I've read sound like something so amazingly perfect, it only exists in fairytales. And guess what, perfect love doesn't exist. You can't ALWAYS agree. You can't ALWAYS BE ULTRA-HAPPY-SUNSHINE!!! Is it just me or are the definitions here what people wish love was? I think so... So, here's a few types of love I've encountered. Be careful, they can be wild and unpredictable, but don't worry, I brought plenty of tranq...
1. Hopeless Devotion
When you love someone so much, that all you think of is how to get their attention. And you never get that attention. Yeah, it sucks... a lot. In my case, about a year after I gave up, he decided to start hitting on me. Needless to say, I ignored him.
2. Locked Up Love
When two people are in such a close relationship (truthfully, this is also for close friends, platonically) that there are two worlds, them and the outside.
3. Love-For-Show
When two popular people on campus/ two celebrities get together to make both of them look better/ get more attention.
4. Rebound Love
After a break up, when the breakee takes a short fling with an unsuspecting person. The breakee indulges themselves to whatever they want for the not-suspecting-person, them breaks up with them.
5. Selflove
A very vain person in love with themselves.
6. Withdrawn Love
The darker way of the crush. Possibly including stalking, and other like things.
7. Basic Crush
Usually, liking someone who's really not in your league.
8. Lust
Wanting someone for sexual pleasure.
9. Non-Human Love
To be in love with something not human, such as your job, your pet, religion, music, anything else.
There is no true definition for love, but I am partial to the definition from Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy:
Love- Avoid if at all possible.
by BlackCat'sPath July 24, 2009

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