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Quite possibly the most untalented artist of all time. Really has no business in the music industry in the first place, see her singing live or better yet her singing er butchering Mariah Carey's "Hero" via YouTube. Each song she makes is worse than the one before.
Rihanna is a horrible singer and has no talent and should just go away. She is ruining American pop music every time she sings.
by BlackCadillac May 15, 2010
Awesome state with cool places to visit such as Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, and others. Known for big things, cattle, football, cowboys, and patriotism.
Texas is an awesome state to visit
by BlackCadillac May 15, 2010
One of the best things ever. Good with Steak.
If everyone had Fried Mushrooms, there would be no need for war.
by BlackCadillac May 15, 2010
Baseball player. Known for Home run in the 1988 World Series that has to be the most overrated sports play ever. It was in game 1, not a series winning HR.
Kirk Gibson's home run is the most overrated and overtalked about sports play ever!
by BlackCadillac May 15, 2010
Disgrace to Canada and Music. Will hopefully be forgotten about in 2011. Has no talent. Greedy corporations use him as a boy toy for girls around the age of 8-13 to get rich.
Justin Bieber sucks
by BlackCadillac May 15, 2010

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