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4 definitions by Black sex panther

When you either suck an asians penis or you eat out an asian girl
Joe I was totally eating the eggroll last night, it was like heaven.
by Black sex panther May 11, 2009
When you masterbate while listening to latin music
Joe i was totally playin' the morracas last night and i got it in my eye
by Black sex panther May 11, 2009
When you fight someone by hitting them in the head with your elbows.
Joe, I was boxin dis dude da oda day and i totally gave him 'bout 5 bows to da dome.
by Black sex panther May 07, 2009
It is when you shit on a girls stomach and run your penis through it until nice and lubricated then proceed to sexual intercourse
Joe, I totally gave her a kentucky road derby last night it was pretty hot.
by Black sex panther April 29, 2009