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A black ghetto girl, who owns every bitch on the block.

A Black girl, who has three bitches, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and katy perry

A black ghetto girl who fucks every thing that moves,

Aslo means something that is very hairy and has lots of bows

Bon'Qui'Qui can also mean a moldy piece of cheese that has been sitting on the bathroom floor for 2 years
"That Bon'Qui'Qui is such a bitch"

"I so want to be a Black Ghetto Girl (Bon'Qui'Qui)

"Omg! My minge is so Bon'Qui'Qui"

"Miley Cyrus is Bon'Qui'Qui's bitch"

"My Hair has lots on Bon'Qui'Qui's in it"

"Errr theres a Bon'Qui'Qui in our bathroom"
by Black ghetto girl April 06, 2009

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