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2 definitions by Black Stallion

The one black kid in an all white school who's loved and admired by all. Hlanganiso's tend to be very good looking, well dressed with multi coloured jumpers and have 9 inch schlongs giving Hlanganiso's the common nickname Hlanganineinch. Hlanganiso's are also heavily bombarded by poor racial jokes or references to his ethnicity, which does not usually offend a Hlanganiso but often makes them think you are an absolute and utter cunt
The new black boy is so fit, he is such a Hlanganiso
by Black stallion November 11, 2013
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The person that the cheater is cheating with. You have the cheater, the cheatee, and the cheetHOE.
Damn that cheethoe, he slept with my wife.
by Black Stallion January 14, 2008
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