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A lot of people already said to shoot a gun but I wanted to be more descriptive. If you dump a clip it is usually done with a semi-automatic pistol ranging from .38 to .45 caliber. To "Dump on a nigga" is slightly more sophisticated than lining him up and and squeezing the trigger once. You generally dump on whack ass punks/wankstas/rats. Dumping can be successfully peformed by locating the snitch and sticking your standard 9mm Throwaway Glock out your passenger window aiming in his general direction give or take a few feet. Your next goal is to keep the strap as stable as possible as you pound the trigger over and over until the clip is cashed, The idea being that by shooting your victim 13 to 17 times you eliminate the possibility of them getting up and walking away in 30 minutes like 50
Yo dog this fool is wearin a wire I heard it pop.

Shit nigga gimma yo strap i'm gonna dump on this bitch right now.

All day. I might just light that nigga up too. Lets dump on his ass.
by Black SS February 21, 2007

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