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A higher form of Hoe. Where no other term can describe how disgustingly and self disrespecting a hoe can get. Has no care for whoever or whatever. Holds a preceding reputation not even an award can quench.
Yo Keisha is a Harbinger of Hoes. She done probably sucked and fucked off the whole damn city by now.

A Harbinger of Hoes, she can break off a million man march if you toss her loose ass out there.
by Black Riz August 01, 2008
Term describing when one gets involved with a Trick, and can't seem to get out of it, or has had a rather tough time dealing with them.
Duane: Man this damn girl done tried to play mind games on a brotha'. She know she wrong.

TJ: Yo man, I told you she was a hoe. She on that bull shit. You know she fucked Ebony's brother right?

Devante: Sorry for ya dog. Looks like you got your self in a Tricky Situation.
by Black Riz August 01, 2008
Term used to setting a person up or luring someone in. Best used to describe a hoe setting up another victim.
You deceitful ass hoe. You played me and now you slow cooking another sucker for the count.
by Black Riz August 01, 2008
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