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A act done out of kindness, and good will that usually ends up extremly bad, or with the destruction of one's property.
Dude: Hey man did you kill that rat in my attic yet?
Dude 2: Actually man I fucked up and fell through your ceiling trying to get out of the attic!
Dude1: You fucking Devorshak!!!
by Black Op August 27, 2009
A Asshole on Xbox Live that decides to sale all his shit because he is a dumbass, then buys it back just to one up you all the time in whatever game you are playing.
Dude 1: WTF man how did you get on the leaderboards so high!!! You haven't even had a Xbox for like 5 months!!!
Dude 2: What can I say I guess I just have uber skillz and 1337ness.
Dude 1: No your just a fuckin Goo Monkey thats all!!!
Dude 2: Take that back mother fucker NOW!!!!!!
by Black Op August 27, 2009
When not just being a cock is enough, you become the head cock. Still one step under the Grand Master Cock Dragon.

Showing enough cock like behavior to promote you from being just a cock to the Head Cock.
Monkey: Dude get out of my way or I am going to shoot you with my sniper rifle.
Soupy: Man wait a second I am trying to pick up this ammo bo...(splat!!!)
Respawn soupy: Man fuck you you cock.... No your not just a cock your the Head Cock!!!
Monkey: I warned you.
by Black Op August 27, 2009

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