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3 definitions by Black Mamba

Copperhead (N.) 1. Was in the Kill Bill Vol.1 movie that beat the hell out of Black Mamba at her wedding 2. Goverment name is Vernita Green
3. Skilled fighter for the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad
4. Was killed by Black Mamba by attempting to shoot her
5. Of course the sista had to die first
6. Vivica A. Fox played the part
arguing with the Bride
Copperhead: Black Mamba. I shoulda been motherfuckin' Black Mamba.
by Black Mamba September 10, 2004
3 9
Black Mamba N. 1. Was featured in both Kill Bills 2. Killed Cooperhead and Cottonmouth in Volume 1 3. Was in a coma for four years because of a sereve beating by the deadly DiVAS 4. Killed Bill in Volume 2 5. Found daughter in Kill Bill 2
The Bride : Wiggle your big toe.
by Black Mamba September 10, 2004
10 27
Cottonmouth(N.) 1. A half-Chinese and half-Japanese American from an American military base 2. Particiapated in the beating of Black Mamba at her wedding 3. President of the Japanese underworld of crime 4. Goverment name is O-Ren Ishii 5. Killed at the House of Blue Leaves by Black Mamba in a sword fight
O-Ren Ishii : Silly Caucasian girl likes to play with Samurai swords.
by Black Mamba September 11, 2004
31 187