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2 definitions by Black LAvender

When someone or something behaves in an erratic, unorthodox, or indecisive manner. From Greek "Terpos" meaning "meandering turtle"
PC Loadletter? Dude, the printer is terping out.

We were on our way to Hooters, but he terped out so we hit Chili's instead.

Man, that girl was all over you, why'd you terp out?
by Black Lavender July 23, 2007
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Along with Cyclone, one half of the greatest tag team in Bayou Lacombe's WWF history, Desert Storm, and part of "The Greatest Match Never Seen"
Death Valley has just defeated Hardcore Adam for the second time in their historic rivalry, proving without a shadow of a doubt, that he is indeed "The Man."
by Black LAvender September 28, 2007
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