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Bro-foods are foods that are primarily eaten by bodybuilders, figure competitors and people who participate in strength training.

Food eaten primarily by members of the fitness community.

They generally consist of high protein, high fiber, fats and carbs. These foods are mostly healthy foods that help the fitness person lose weight, gain muscle mass or both. Many bro-foods tend to be much more nutrient dense than general grocery food.

They're called bro-foods because the fitness guys who tend to eat like this are called bros. The nickname or slang term for muscular guys who participate and or spend much of their lives in the fitness community.

Bro-Foods generally consist of food like Oatmeal, chicken breast, whey protein, nuts, 90% lean beef, coconut oil, Broccoli, olive oil, many types of fish, brown rice, peanut butter, bananas, wheat bread, eggs, cauliflower, cottage cheese, yogurt, leafy greens, sea slat etc.

Note : Bro-Foods do NOT always have to be strictly healthy. It can allow for cheat food, junk food or fast food from time to time. But still generally is less processed food that has high protein, higher fiber, adequate amount of fats, nutrients and carbs. These main components can and do fluctuate depending on what the fitness person is trying to achieve.

A good idea of what counts as bro food. Go to major bodybuilding sites or to youtube and type in bro food into the search bar. And you'll get a good idea of what counts as bro-food.
Dude1 : "Check out the new guys in the gym."
Dude2 : "Damn they're shredded"
Dude1 : "Definitely, They must have been getting serious about managing their bro-foods."
Dude2 : "They're most likely in their cutting phase"
by Black King X June 23, 2013
A term used to describe the beauty of a Black African descent person who has made a decision to not artificially change the texture and or color of their hair. Whether it be by chemical processes such as perming or other processes such as hot combing.

Nappy, curly, kinky hair that appears predominantly in women and men of African descent.

A combination of the words nappy or nap and natural. Nap-tural Glory.

There was an actual website that was named naptural glory, but for some reason the site can not be found currently. It was this site where I believe the term was first coined.

Apparently naptural can be spelled two ways.

Napptural or Naptural. Either way appears to be accepted by many.
Oh wow, she stopped perming her hair years ago. Now she is basking in her naptural glory
by Black King X May 28, 2010
Serenesque : adjective(seh-re-nesk) : Any woman who has a body somewhat similar to the talented Ms. Serena Williams. A female body type that can be considered thick, shapely yet muscular.

A female body shape that consist of mega sized breasts, gigantic asses yet retains a level of musculature. A very attractive woman who has a large frame, very curvy body but a noticeable amount of muscle mass and or muscle definition.

Women who are serenesgue are Angela Basset, Angel Curvz, Jacqueline Moore
1. My, that woman is quite "serenesque". Is she a bodybuilder or something? She's so pretty.

2. "These fitness models are all serenesque as hell"
by Black King X October 07, 2011
Serenesque : adjective
Pronounciation : (seh-re-nesk)

Definitions :
1. Any woman who has a body type somewhat similar to the body type of the talented Ms. Serena Williams.

2. A female body type that can be considered thick, shapely yet muscular.

3. A portmanteau of Serena(from Serena Jameka Williams) and Statuesque. Seren + esque.

4. A female body type that consists of larger breasts, larger asses yet retains a level of muscle tone.

5. An attractive woman who has a large frame, very curvy body but a noticeable amount of muscle mass and or muscle definition.

6. A noticeably very massive, athletic yet curvaceous woman. Usually athletes.

7. "Thick" and "Swole" at the same time. ;-)

8. Female athlete who is noticeably thicker and larger than the average woman. Sometimes even thicker and larger than other female athletes.

Synonyms : Amazon, Amazonian, Fitness Competitor, Figure Competitor, Athletic, Statuesque, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Thick, Swole, Rubenesque, Brolic, Brick-house, Sturdy, Bootylicious, Well-built, Strong, Badunkadunk, Herculean, Olympian, Titanic

Antonyms : Dainty,Tiny,Short,Mini,Diminutive,Stringy,Slim, Skinny,Weak,Delicate,Frail,Small,Flabby,Little,Small

Other women who would be considered Serenesque are Jill Mills, Lenda Murray, Venus Williams, Dana Linn Bailey, Cassandra Floyd, Monica Martin, Angela Bassett
1. "My, that woman is quite "serenesque". Is she a bodybuilder or something? She is so pretty!"

2. "These fitness models are all serenesque as hell"

3. Dude A ; "I can't quite put my finger on it. They look good as hell. It's like they all muscle but still kinda thick at the same time or somethin'.

Dude B ; "I'd call them serenesque. You mean like thick and muscular right?

Dude A ; "Yep. Like thick and muscular. That's it.

Dude B ; "Yep. They're definitely serenesque fo' sho'"
by Black King X June 07, 2011
Walk-in-pussy : Noun
Pronounciation : (walk-en-puss-ee)

Definitions :
1. A large vagina.
2. A vagina that is deeper and wider than average.
3. A vagina that has greater internal volume than most men are used to having intercourse with.
4. A big pussy.

Ways to tell if a woman has a walk-in-pussy :
1. You can clearly see the space in between the walls when she's bent over in doggy style. Before, during and after sexual intercourse.
2. These types of pussy tend to queef more.
3. The women who have these larger vaginas tend to not moan or scream as much. Many can be totally silent throughout the entire intercourse.
4. These types of women appear to handle rougher sex better than average.

Origin of the term :
The term comes from the fact that some womens vaginas are so large. That the man literally can go back inside her using only his hips to direct his penis into her vagina and start thrusting again. Hence, walking into her pussy = Walk-in-pussy.

Synonyms : Larger pussy, big pussy, giant cunt, mega-cunt, bucket pussy, wide set vagina, open pussy, cavernous nether regions, large cunt, "loose" pussy.

Antonyms : Snatch, smaller pussy, kung fu grip, vice grip, small pussy, pussy hug, kegels sex, tight pussy, petite pussy, kegelkunt.

Type in "ebony doggystyle", "ebony wife doggystyled" or "black girlfriend rammed" on xnxx. You'll see. ;-)
Malcolm : "So did you get with that sexy milf chick at the party?"

Nathan : "Hell yeah dude. She was awesome."

Malcolm : "So was she experienced? You know how those cougar types are."

Nathan : "Oh fuck yes. Very experienced and had that walk-in-pussy."

Malcolm : "THE FUCK? You serious???"

Nathan : "Hell yeah! Queefs and everything. Plus she sucked me off real good. I ended up bustin' twice in like an hour. Crazy shit!"

Malcolm : "DAAAAMN dude! Nice!"
by Black King X April 16, 2014
The MANY bad definitions and failed words created and published on this site.

Many of these can be seen on this site.

Much of the time the word and definition are not a word or definition at all. They're

A. Something about sex.
B. Something about how much they hate religion.
C. Something racist.
D. A conjunction of words without an understanding of phonetics or language or
E. Something that makes not even a modicum of sense but get's posted anyway because some people want to express themselves with nothing creative, original or intelligent to express.
God,Several Joint Liability,black,black people,prolebrity,Lap Hog,dorkus malorkus,woman are examples of (FUDD)Failed urban dictionary definitions.
by Black King X June 16, 2014
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