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1. A god
2. A demon

Take your pick. Hitler is viewed as either one or the other by everyone, with no middle (understandable why).
1. Neo-Nazis think Hitler was a god.
2. The new generation of Germans think Hitler was a demon (yes, the Germans from Germany).
by Black Kat November 13, 2006
A way to show that you don't care. Displaying no or little interest.
person 1: Shelley called you a bitch the other day.
person 2: Meh.
by Black Kat September 20, 2005
"Gay" and "atheist" mixed into one word to describe a homosexual who is not a believer in the supernatural or of religious belief.
James Randi is a gaytheist.
by Black Kat June 24, 2011
People who are willing to endanger, hurt and/or kill someone else on the road, along with damaging the other party's vehicle, as long as they don't have to wait that extra ten seconds.
Like other drivers, I want to get to my destination, too. Unlike other drivers, I'm not willing to kill a family of four on the way.
by Black Kat August 06, 2006
The best way to divide a country.
Countries such as the United States have become divided due to politics and ideology.
by Black Kat August 22, 2009
A very vocally talented woman who has a good heart, and still somewhat attractive but not like she used to be (like the Butterfly era). She used to have a hot career, but since "Rainbow" it hasn't done as well. The main problem with Mariah is she refuses to age.
Mariah Carey tries to still be 15.
by Black Kat November 13, 2006
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