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1) An obscure ball game played against a wall. It is vaguely similar to squash, but the players hit a small cork ball with a padded glove.

2) A bunch of fives. London slang for a fist.
He agve me a bunch of fives cos I beat the guy on the fives court.
by black flag May 31, 2004
An art gallery in London, now in two parts The Tate on the Embankment and The Tate Modern in a converted power station at Bankside.
I'm going down the Tate to soak up some culture.
by black flag May 31, 2004
An influential but egocentric bunch of musicians from Bristol in the UK.
Renowed for their offensive, prima donna attitudes to the staff of all venues unlucky enough to put them on. In fact their split was partly down to the fact no promotor or venue would touch them in the end.
"After last night, there is NO WAY Portishead are ever coming back to play here again"
(the management of Bristols New Trinity Arts Centre after a typical portishead gig)
by Black Flag February 15, 2004
A painful form of 'entertainment' only to be attempted when very, very, very drunk. (see also tribute band)
Big John needs a good 8 pints before he is in the mood to murder Hotel California
by black flag June 02, 2004
A remote device for controlling electrical goods. (TV, Hifi etc)

Dervived from the term to Zap (change) a channel
I have three zappas:-

Frank works the telly
Dwezill works the video
and Moonunit works the DVD
by black Flag June 11, 2004
Uk slang, northern. A soft topped sports shoe. A plimsol. Also called gallosher, pump or loppie in other parts of the UK
Eee, gotta go doon shop and buy some dap's furt lad t' go t'school with.
by black flag May 29, 2004
An object of facination. Term originates from the title of an obscure 1960's British arthouse film about a guy who becomes obsessed with the young couple he can see making love through a small hole in his bedroom wall. More recently the term has been revived thanks to a song of the same name by brit poppers Oasis
Wonderwall (the song) was also a hit for spoof UK easy listerning band 'The Mike Flowers Pops'
by black flag June 25, 2004
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