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The Univercity of the West Of England. A top UK educational establishment in Bristol UK where Alan Mcdade first learnt the urban planning principles that gave rise to Mcdadeism.
The main UWE campus is at Filton in the North of Bristol.
by black flag June 25, 2004
America's largest open air shooting gallery.
There is yet another sniper on the loose in the US city of Washington DC
by black flag June 01, 2004
Another tool used by the UK government to undermine democrasy in Britain.

Any MP who defies a Three Line Whip is suspended from his party for an indefinded period (anything from one day to life). This can end the career of an MP and thus discourages members from voting with for wishes of their constituents
The threat of the withdrawl of the whip forced through the vote that resulted in Britains involvement in gulf war 2
by black flag June 05, 2004
The act of deep throating a male member during oral sex.
I popped up to Bristol last week, pulled this bint and took her out back for a spot of Skullbuggery
by Black Flag February 14, 2004

A contraction of 'Bishop', used in the Church of England for the more popular of Bishops.
The new Bish is a nice fella
by black flag June 20, 2004
The trademark and much loved feature of the old Wembley Stadium in London. Sadly demolished to make way for a new facility
Yes we all know Wembley needed to be redeveloped, but did they really have to demolish the twin towers as well?
by black flag May 31, 2004
To kill or assassinate somebody
Blair didn't like Kelly spilling his guts to the BBC over the Iraq affair, so they had him JFK'd.
by black flag June 03, 2004

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