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UK toker' term meaning construct a plump reefer.
Hey Charlie, Skin A Fat One.
by black flag May 29, 2004
1) A West Country English slang term for a farmer or otheragricultural worker.

2) Former Lead guitarist of Motorhead.

3)A member of The Wurzels. A long established UK folk band. Renowed as the founders of the infamous scrumpy and weston sound.
"Can you remember at the last wurzel dance- Oo ar Oo ar"
(Adge Cutler from the song 'Combine Harvester' UK number 1 in 1976)
by Black Flag May 28, 2004
A 'dead ball' kick in football (soccar) taken from the corner of the pitch. Awarded after the defending team has put the ball out of play over their own dead ball line.
Beckham's In swinging corners are causing the opposition no end of trouble.
by black flag June 15, 2004
1) somebody who's away with the fairies, not on planet earth, etc

2) The Third Teletubby
My girlfreind can be a bit of a la la
by black flag June 05, 2004
UK usage:-
To wank, masterbate, self abuse, act like Onan etc.

Comes from spangle- to add glitter / cum, and monkey - the male member.
I've got a hard on so I'm gonna spanglemonkey.
by black flag June 27, 2004
A working class townie of less than average intelligence. Term alludes to the characture Baz in the Fat Slags cartoons from viz comics.
"Hey Baz hurry up and fuck us, me chips are getting cold"
by black flag June 26, 2004
Cricketing term:-

To be 'out' after scoring no runs.
"And that's another Duck for Jack Russel"
by black Flag June 11, 2004

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