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UK usage.

A gelletine desert, usally fruit flavoured served with ice cream or cold custard. Known in the US as Jello
Sponge cake soaked in jelly and left over night to set is the bottom layer of trifle.
by black flag July 14, 2004
A proposed combined arts, media and community centre that was planned for the Barton Hill area of Bristol by local residents for local residents. However the project was scraped after Community at Heart withdrew funding claiming that they didn't have the fianances to complete the project. Yet the same quango still managed to find another £1.5 million extra cash for it's universally unpopular masterplan
"The closure of the unit 19 project is yet another example of Community at Haert over riding the wishes of the local community in favour of Mcdadeism and the political kudos of Emperor Ralph
by black flag June 24, 2004
Has multi definitions
1) -military- Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. Also TV show of same name.

2) -drugs- To smoke yourself into a state of near unconciousness

3) -UK Slang- Mashed potato's

4) -Urban street slang- To destroy, mangle, wreck.
1) He served in a mash unit in Korea

2) Tonight I'm gonna get mashed

3) 'Give us a bash at the bangers and mash like me mother used to make' (old music hall song)

4) He dissed me so I mash him up bad.
by black flag June 20, 2004
A form of shamanism, heralds from africa where mutu men are often employed by soccar clubs in the way European and American sporting teams often employ chaplins.

(Most African teams employ chaplins as well as mutu men)
Ghana lost their last game. They put the defeat down to bad mutu.
by black flag June 02, 2004
UK drinking term-

Basically a snake bite (lager / cider split) with a vodka or double vodka top. Not the for the weak or the part time drinker.
I had 4 pints of shark bite last night and I can't feel my body at all.
by black flag June 09, 2004
Hippies, flower children, the beautiful people.
The freaks love the Furry Freak Brother Comics
by black flag June 02, 2004
An armoured fighting vehicle designed as a weapon of battlefield superiority, now used as a method of repressing civilians.
Tienaman Square, The West Bank, Gazza Strip, Iraq, Afghanistan......
by black flag May 29, 2004

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