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186 definitions by Black Flag

British TV sci-fi show from the late 1970's where a group of ill matched revolutionaries fight an all prevading evil federation through a gravel pit near Letchworth (Bedfordshire).

However dispite it's zero budget special effects and shakey sets the quality of both the writing and acting made it a classic. It ran for four seasons.
Lets finish it Blake
by Black Flag February 04, 2004
The thing that defines manrock. It is best described as a rebal rousing, anthalmic, chant along chorus to a rock song that would have been idea to row a long ship whilst singing along to. (if the vikings had invented electic guitars that is)
Anything by Saxon or Manowar
by black flag June 27, 2004
A chain of UK based supermarkets specialising in frozen food
mum's been to Iceland, it's frozen peas again for tea.
by Black Flag May 28, 2004
A form of heavy metal / hard rock which consontraites on writing about blokish type subjects; cars, motorbikes, war, sex, fighting etc. Normally they are european based acts, but there are exceptions. The viking chorus is the most noticable of all manrock cleches
Saxon, Manowar, Thor, Twisted Sister, Dio and Slave Raider are all examples of manrock bands.
by black flag June 27, 2004
The England football teams first choice keeper. So called for his uncanny ability to play faultlessly for 89 minutes of a match and have a 1 minute nightmare sometime during the second half where will make a series of schoolboy errors which may or may not loose his side the game.

He is the number one cause of stress, panic and hairloss amoungst English football fans
England v France. Euro 2004, three minutes into injury time...

Need I say more?
by black flag June 27, 2004
A dump of a town in the English county of Wiltshire founded by the Great Weston Railway in 1830. renowned for it's lack of good coffee, good football or good anything.
Swindon is as Swindon does.
by black flag June 02, 2004
A form of cider where the appley goodness has been replaced by nasty hangover enducing chemicals.
Last night I was drinking white cider, this morning it feels like they are building a motorway through my brain.
by black flag June 02, 2004