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THE MUSIC- emotive hardcore- was an offshoot of hardcore music charegterised by lyrics with deeper darker emotions/ topics. People who enjoyed this genere of music were called Emos

THE LIFESTYLE- Today we have people who call themselves emo- The music created the emo lifestyle- thus emo kids Emos are people who listen to emotive music and embrace a specific style- Usualy envolving- wearing all black/darker colors- side swept hair over 1 eye- Heavy eyeliner- and expresion via music writing songs poetry ect. There are no specific guide lines to emo.

(Emo Myths)

1-All emos cut/ self mutilate?
Not all emos cut- there are always crazies in the mix but not all emos cut themselves- cuting has nothing to do with emo

2-Emos are always sad?
Emos are usualy more sensetive than average and express their emotions in their own way. But emos are not always sad Hapyness is an emotion 2 Emos can smile laugh and have a good time like evrybody else Most are just shy

3-Emos are all just posers seeking atention?
Emo is a steriotype- people runing around showing you their cuts, crying, saying "im so emo" Are posers trying to fit a steriotype to be cool But there are people "Real emos" who live the lifestyle, love the music, and expres their emotions bechause its who they are the way they are these people are not posers- they dont try to be anything other than themselves and are great people/ loyal frends
Real emo-"RE" vs Poser emo-"P"

"P"-*siting in corner sobing* T_T

"RE"-whats wrong? O.o?

"P"-My girlfrend dumped me so im carving her name into my arm... im so emo. T_T

"RE"-Um...Why...? shees just a girl- there are more? its not the end of the world? O_o?

"P"-She was the only one for meeeee!!!! *cries histericly* there is nothing left worth living for!!! I need to cut her name into my soul so when i hang myself later she will see what a horible person she was for breaking up with me.... i will write about her in my suicide notes- and tell all the people i hate how much i hated them! like how my parents made my life miserable by trying to make me happy!!! im so emo. DX

"RE" Dude i dont blame her for breaking up with you- your crazy- you need to get a life and probably some therapy? plus your a strait up poser... >_> *walks away listening to ipod*

"P"-Kills self Later listening to Dashboard confesional... X_x
*nobody shows up to the funeral*
by Black Dragon Blood October 10, 2010

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