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3 definitions by Black Candles

AKA Meyu Hineymern.

Neo-Humanism is a lesser known religion/philosophy created by two individuals known to me only as The Philosopher and Jeydehn.
The main rules are as follows:
1.) Do not impose your culture and ways on others, but if they so seek your knowledge, you are obliged to teach them.

2.) Perception is everything.

3.)The only good is kindness, the only evil is hurt.

4.) Good exists only because of its contrast from evil. Evil exidyd only because of its contrast from good.

5.) Killing in the name of your god is the highest sin.

6.) There is enough wrong in this world without you being here. Strive to make a positive influence.

7.) "I think therefore I am"- this saying explains that anything which thinks exists. But does everything that exists think?

8.) Religion is philosophy on drugs.

9.) Every number is equal to One, Zero, and Infinity.

10.) Death is the worst thing that this world has to offer you; every other fear is an illusion. Once you have mastered the fear of death, you have mastered life.

11.) Magik, prayer, and meditation are one in the same.

12.) Earth is but one of the few bubbles of life in the black seas of infinity. We were not destined to travel far- and yet it is are primal instinct to do so.

13.) Both your brain and heart hold your inner truth. Follow them.
I follow these rules and in doing so am a Neo-Humanist.
by Black Candles November 27, 2004
An all around awesome guy. I have seen him in Runescape wearing his typical black armour helping out some hopeless noob, or in the wilderness saving my ass from a lvl 100. He is also the secret founderer of a clan known as "The Zagorothians" and a short lives alliance known as "The Vendeltians". They were an experiment formed purely for Runescapian entertainment. The Zagorothians was one of the most powerful empires that ever kissed runescape with its tactical brilliance.

I have also seen him on Urban Dictionary.
No, I am not Jeydehn doing this to raise my self esteem. I just think an all around kick-ass mofo should not be ignored.
by Black Candles November 27, 2004
The Definitions provided by Jeydehn and Rock Wraith are both correct. However, I would like to provide detail on the art of Joth nails.

The Joth fingernail is traditionally painted black, but variations have included blood red for men and women, and royal purple for mostly women*.
For liberals and/or democrats, the fingers on the left hand are painted. For conservatives** and/or republicans** the right hand is painted. For the angry Joth, the middle fingernail is painted, where as many Joths like to have their index and pinky fingernail painted.
There are many different "traditions", but Joth's have no code and so should not be mistaken as one of those trendy fads like EMO or.. dare I say... the Hot-Topic***-Goth.

*I have not met a homophobic Joth. Most Joths are tolerant of every life choice. Except for those that intentionally harm others.

**These are idiots and jackasses. Any Joth that supports Bush is not a Joth.

***Hot Topic is not a Gothic or Punk store. Gothics and Punks believe in non mainstream clothing, where as Hot Topic takes non mainstream fashion and turns it INTO the mainstream itself. Hot Topic is a hypocrit in its own existance.
Jeydehn is a true Joth, as I have met him in person.

Daniel is a true Joth, as I have met him in person.

Sam is not a Joth because she is not jewish. She is not Gothic nor Punk. She could be classified as a Hot-Topic-Goth and/or EMO.
by Black Candles November 27, 2004