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A description of a mild mannered college student/superhero whose main weapon and special power is a jizzbomb(see subteranean jizzbomb). Works in and around the area of the University of Arkansas, also can be rented for birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, office parties etc.
No, I won't be going to this month's gunshow i'm just gonna call up the jizzbomber to settle my disputes from now on. Plus he does a mean cover of Michael Jackson's Thriller.
by Black Caesar December 25, 2006
A special move/superpower employed rarely by the jizzbomber in which an enemy is fended off by ejaculating in his/her Jimmy John's sub.
My friend pissed off the jizzbomber and was pleasantly surprised when he received extra special sauce on his JJ slim sub sandwich. He was unaware of the effect of a subteranean jizzbomb on his psyche.
by Black Caesar December 25, 2006
A loyal fan/follower of the jizzbomber and his subteranean jizzbomb.
When I heard what the jizzbomber did, and what a subteranean jizzbomb was I had immediate interest in becoming a loyal jizzraelite.
by Black Caesar December 29, 2006

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