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Major asshole with a serious superiority complex. Has somehow magically obtained the ability to go into the future to see box office results. Trolls at movie boards and then gets surprised and angry when he gets in trouble. Like I said, a major asshole.
Dream and Nightmare is such an asshole prick. I hope he dies.
by Black Angel November 02, 2003
One of the greatest debaters I've ever seen. Like Maddox, he'll rip your arguments apart and/or turn them against you. Unlike Maddox, he doesn't swear excessively.
I got into an argument with CoolHand last night. My ass still hurts from how hard he was kicking it.
by Black Angel May 01, 2004
A large gathering of assholes, typically at public schools. Part of the reason for most school shootings.
Kid: My school is an assclass. I hope I don't lose it and shoot up the place.
by Black Angel November 03, 2003
A cheap weapon, commonly used by n00bs in online shooter games. Some players chose rockets, not because they annoy people, but because they get easy kills.
Player: Hey n00b, knock it off with that rocket bullshit.

n00b: fuk u. if ur such a gud playr, y don't u lern to avoid it?
by Black Angel November 02, 2003
To be retarded; slow-witted
Bob sure is a dumb smeck, eh Tom?
by Black Angel September 22, 2003
Stupid prick with a poor grasp of the art of debate; Refuses to change opinion even when proved wrong
SilasX is such a retard
by Black Angel September 22, 2003
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