13 definitions by Black

An intense headache.
I'm going to grab some tylenol and lay down till the headexplodies pass.
by Black August 19, 2003
The effect of watching one of your crackwhore friends macking on every douchebag in the club.
combination of 'shudders' and 'hag'
I could smell her crotch from the table over, but the guys didn't seem to mind.
by Black February 23, 2004
an exotic being or animal that has been bitten by an abnormal beast.
umm leeron
by black June 22, 2004
1. A very homosexual individual.

2. One who sucks cock.
David is a mamau!
by Black October 09, 2003
An extremely short annoying person who makes loads of smartass and annoying remarks. Hates Bill Gates and is paranoid that a giant army of computers will rise up and take over the world. Known Associates: Black Thunder
Hey look a giant anti-computer gun. That must be the doing of the infamous DDE
by Black October 20, 2004
what every teenager wants to do with his mom again
boy:please mom just this time
mom:no my breast's are hurting now
by black March 09, 2005

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