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1) Cockney rhyming slang for the Flying Squad, an elite fast response dectective branch of London's Metropolitan police. Often contracte to The Sweeny.

2) A mythical and murderous London barber who killed his customers and sold the bodies to a near by pie shop.
"WE've been told to touch nothing until Sweeny Todd get's here."
by black flag June 26, 2004
A tool used in the British Parliamentry system to undermine democracy.

The term refers to to party 'enforcers' or whips underlining an item on parliamentry order papers three times as an order for all MP's to tow the party line on that vote even if the party line goes against their own beliefs and the wishes of their electorate.
see also Withdrawing the whip
Britains involvment in Gulf War 2 war as a result of a three line whip
by black flag June 05, 2004
Small maelevelent house elf. Originally from the cornish folk law creature Piskie. Now a feral creature in most houses occupied by stoners. They like to 'borrow' vital stuff like fag papers (thats the English fag, ie cigarete and ain't intended to be homophobic). At times when you most need them and return the said items when you don't.
Your turn to skin up pal.

I would if I could but the pixies have knicked my rizlers.
by black flag June 01, 2004
English slang.

Pin Money, extra household income, normally earned by the house wife in a part time cleaning or shop job, used to pay for extra's like holidays and special occasions.
Our pin money took us to Spain for two weeks last August.
by black flag May 31, 2004
A UK public transport company who provide the worse public transport service in the known universe and treat their staff little better than slaves.
I wouldn't work for first bus if they tripled the pay. (which would still be fuck all)
by black flag June 03, 2004
A bias slant on historical facts cooked up by american film makers in an attempt to rewrite history with a pro US slant.
The Longest day, Mephis Bell, Battle of the Bulge, U-541, A Bridge Too Far, Return To The River Kiwi, (the list is endless)
by black flag June 02, 2004
UK football (soccar) term

A nasty and cynical hard tackle or blantent foul committed in the early minutes of a game on the most talented member of the opposing term with the single aim to cause pain or injury so the fouled player will think twice before recieving the ball, or trying out his flash skills less he recieves a second helping. Nmaed after the former Wimbledon / Wales central midfielder turned actor who honed this bending of the rules into a fine art. Some times contracted to a Vinny
Beckham was running the game until the central defender did a Vinny (Jones) on him.
by black flag June 02, 2004
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